Pumpkin Patch 2017

Hello Friends! Guess what we did over the weekend? We finally hit the pumpkin patch! Ya know…that fun October tradition where you take your family to a local farm (with 802738 of your closest friends). And you pick out a pumpkin and try to take a super adorable pumpkin patch photo of your kids?

You remember this gem from last year, right?

Well the sun was shining and the temps were in the mid 70s on Sunday. So we put on our shorts and t-shirts and hit Shenot Farm bright and early. I’ve mentioned Shenot’s before. I’m kind of obsessed with the place. It’s a smaller farm, right down the road from the Mega Farm, Soergel’s Orchards. I just can’t with Soergel’s anymore. Too many people…it’s miserable chaos. So we go to Shenot’s. They have the best corn in the summer and the best apples in the fall.

We were some of the first people in line at 10:55 and we got our hayride tickets right away. $2/pp and the kids were free. And you get a free apple!

My photo taking skills were on point for this trip, btw.

The kids loved the hayride. BUMPY!  And we could see all the pumpkins as we made our way to the top of the hill. PUMPKINS!

As soon as we got to the pumpkin patch, we tried for a photo. Better than last year!

I made them suffer through taking about 47 pictures. Bug just wasn’t having it.

These were the best!

They were so cute trying to lift all of the pumpkins. HEAVY!

Greyson lead us through the corn maze. THIS WAY GUYS!

It’s a pretty clichéd tradition.

But it’s a pretty fun one too.

And as these kids get older…

The better it gets!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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