About Us

Me:  Jenny Pittsburgh
Most people just call me Jen. With the exception of my husband, who calls me Jen Hurley. Which is my maiden name. Don’t ask.
We live about 30 minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh. We used to live in the Southside, which is technically the city. We became country mice in 2014. I love it. It’s growing on Jerry.


Husband:  Jerry Pittsburgh
Jerry is not his real name but it’s what most of his friends call him. There is a long story behind the nickname but I wouldn’t do it justice. We both attended college at Indiana University of PA and while we were there at the same time, we didn’t really know each other. We did have a lot of the same friends and flashforward 13 years after we I graduated, the stars aligned and we fell in love.

Jerry & I got married later in life and therefore, tried to start a family later than most. We were lucky to get pregnant six months after saying “I do!” but lost our first baby in an early miscarriage in May 2012. We had one failed round of IVF in May, 2013 and made the smartest decision of our lives for round two in August 2014. Our beautiful Beans are the result.

station square

Twins:  Greyson & Fynnlee
Fynnlee Ann and Greyson Paul were born on 4/30/15 at 11:46 and 11:47 am, respectively. And they are the most amazing, beautiful, smart, perfect babies that have ever graced the Earth.

Life doesn’t always happen like you plan it…but it is EXACTLY how it is meant to be.


Dog:  Jacob
And I can’t forget to mention our furry family member. We adopted Jacob from the Western PA Humane Society after losing out beloved dog, Sherman. He’s the worst guard dog on the planet but he’s an insanely lovable lap dog. All 100 pounds of him.


email:  greyandfynn@gmail.com
Instagram:  jenburgh
Pinterest:  jenburgh

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. It was so nice seeing ur pictures. Have not seen u in years. U look so pretty.ur babies are beautiful . U and my daughter Nancy are2 lucky ladies. Love Joyfa so happy for all of u

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