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Well hello there! Long time, no posts. I have no excuse other than we’ve been soaking up the last days of summer and things have been crazy busy. Whatever…let’s catch up!

This week the Beans will be 28 months old. That’s 2 years and 4 months of life with these amazing little people. Yes, they are officially people …speaking in full sentences and everything. It’s pretty crazy, actually. I’m gonna give you a little run down on milestones and stuff.

Greyson Paul

His speech  is off the charts good. He throws new words at me everyday. And I understand them! The other day we were watching Mickey Mouse and Toodles was flying around with sparkles all over it and he said “Whoa, that’s cool!” His favorite things to say are “Don’t want it“, “I do it“, “Help me” (which means I want to help you). Everything is located Right There! and he takes possession over all the things MY puppy, MY bink, MY Mommy...

He sees no reason to wear pants, ever. He takes his pants off the second we get home from school. And pretty much any other chance he gets.

He currently hates baths, his high chair, and food. Seriously, he’s existing on milk, cereal bars, yogurt and pouches. I’ve pretty much given up trying to get him to eat these days, after throwing away 90% of what I put in front of him. He will not eat in his high chair, or a booster chair. And bath time has become a battle.

Our days at the pool have become days in the sandbox. He doesn’t even want to go in the water. He does like playing with the shower they have to rinse the sand off of you. But other than that, the pool is “too cold”.

He’s gonna have a blast at the beach, though!

Right now, he’s really into MM Roadster Racers, cars, trucks & trains, jumping on the couch, being outside and playing with water. He also likes pushing stuff around (like his stroller) and he likes to color and paint.

We’ve gotten our money’s worth at Living Treasures (we bought a seasons pass) and his favorite thing in the whole park is the alligators.

He’s still in a big time Mommy phase…which I certainly don’t hate.  And he likes to be carried around a lot.

He still adores his big sister but we’re going through a bit of a hitting phase. He gets frustrated and just hauls off and whacks her periodically throughout the day. She often provokes him by taking his stuff or pushing him but still. Not acceptable.

Sleep is pretty solid for Greyson and 90% of the time we can count on 7:30 bedtime, 6:00 wake up. Now his sister, that’s a whole other story.

Stats on Greyson:

appx 28lbs, still fits in 18-24 month pants, 2T tops, size 6 shoe

Fynnlee Ann

Oh this child. She is hilarious. She’s a chatter box and while her enunciation isn’t as good as Greyson, she’s got a lot to say. She loves to sing and her newest trick is burping (gross) followed by an enthusiastic “I burped! (we’re working on Excuse Me, too). I did it! is her favorite expression and she’s very proud of herself when she accomplishes something.

Her meltdowns are epic. She is the typical toddler…she wants it, she doesn’t want it, she wants it, she doesn’t want it. She wants the blue cup..NOT THE BLUE CUP! Screaming, flailing, throwing herself on the floor. All of it. She’s definitely two.

She has a pretty good appetite. She loves snacks and asks for one 29074907 times a day. Pesto chicken, noodles, broccoli, yogurt, corn on the cob. All her favorites.

Girl friend is pickier than she used to be but she will always eat YOUR food.

We have made MAJOR progress in the icky sand situation. At the beginning of the summer, Fynnlee wouldn’t step foot in the sand pit.

Now there is hope for the beach! Fynnlee still LOVES to swim. LOVES it! She loves to jump off the side and pushes you away if you try to help. She’s fearless.

She’s also no longer afraid of the animals at Living Treasure. She used to be afraid to go near them and insisted on being held the whole time. That’s all changed. She asks every weekend to go see the Amoles (animals).

Fynnlee’s favorite things are Thomas & Friends, Mickey Mouse, cutting paper, coloring, jumping, swimming, anything to do with water and her Daddy.

She love me too.

Sleep for Fynnlee is Meh. Isn’t sleep always Meh for Fynnlee? Good days have her asleep by 7:30 up by 5:15. Bad days she’s up at 4:15 or earlier. Yes, she’s still waking up that early. Not as often as she used to, but we can count on it once or twice a week. She’s so stinking lovable at 4 am though…

Stats for Fynnlee:

31.5 lbs, 3t bottoms, 2t or 3t tops, size 7 shoe.

While there are tantrums now & then and boundaries that are pushed daily, things are more fun than ever!  Life is nutso right now and these two pretty much just go with the flow.

I love this age! And yes, we are losing the pacifier battle.

Oh and we leave for the beach in 12 days!  Yay!



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Birthday Weekend recap in pictures

Friday started off the big birthday weekend at Grandma & Papa. Aunt Stephanie & GiGi arrived in Pittsburgh around 4, just in time for us to get out of work/school.

The Beans had some dinner.

Grandma’s soup is their favorite.

And then Fynnlee injected herself into the adults dinner, as always.


It rained most of the morning and we were afraid it was going to be a washout, but lucky for us…the sun showed up! And we had the cutest little deckhand helping to clean up the water.

We Mickey’ed and Minnie’ed

We ate lots of food.

And played/opened presents.


We attempted some family photos…

Who thought balloons were a good idea?

We got one good one.

Getting posed pictures with two year olds is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Too many new toys to play with!

Fynnlee decided she was over pictures.




Jerry and I bought them these bikes which are proving to be a huge hit!


Their actual birthday and another celebration with Grandpa Jim & Grandma Anna. It was a beautiful sunny (and hot!) day.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and these Beans were so lucky to be surrounded by so much love and family.

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Holidays 2016

Well hello there! I know. I’m way behind in this post but better late than never, right?

Is it me, or did the holidays fly by at warp speed this year?? Wow. And while they were filled with a bit of ickiness (most of our family had the stomach flu, a cold or both), they certainly were wonderful.


Rather than give you a play by play, daily recap…I’m just gonna put together a mish mash of highlights.

Pre-Christmas – I was off on the 22nd and 23rd

Jarrad and I hit up the Strip District for our holiday food essentials. Penn Mac was insane, Parma was delightfully empty, and Wholeys was a seafood lovers piece of heaven.

This should say Wholey’s (stupid autocorrect)

We had lots of snuggles and shennigans


Peek a boo is still a big deal

img_0047  img_0046


More snuggles

Lots of Elf

While decorating the tree (new family tradition)

Christmas Eve…all the food


Grandma and Papa stayed with us for almost 3 fantabulous weeks! And even better, they’re moving to Pittsburgh in February.

Christmas Day – Santa was here!

So was Aunt Stephanie!

They didn’t quite get the concept of Santa but presents…oh they understood presents.

Our Christmas was definitely Merry & Bright

New Years Eve.

The kids fancied up and we went to the Lawrence’s to close out 2016. Guess who was kinda over pictures at this point?

Fynnlee was ok posing in her party dress.

But Greyson, oh Greyson. Over it!

He was fine when we reached our destination because…ya know. Trains.

It was a quick visit but I love my ladies.

Jerry and I put the kiddos to bed and hit the town. Dinner at Hyde Park was lovely and we managed to stay up until 12:30 and kiss at midnight. That hasn’t happened in at least 3 years!

This post doesn’t do our holiday season justice. Despite the sickness, we cherished every moment.

We are so excited for you, 2017!

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Day in the Life – Fall 2016

Today we’re joining the Day in the Life round-up organized by one of my favorite bloggers, Julia at My Life in Transition. I think I started reading her blog when she was pregnant with Truman. So I’ve been a fan for a long time!

DITL posts are some of my favorite to read & I wish I did them more often. It’s so fun to go back and see how things have changed. The last one I did was in January, 2016…my babies were still babies!

So here we go…The date is October 9, 2016. The kids are 17 months old. Jacob is 9 years old. Jerry and I are just old.

4:02 am: I hear Fynnlee crying and decide it’s way too early for her to be waking up. Let her fuss for 30 seconds or so and she falls back asleep.

Both kids are screaming and when I look at the clock, I can’t believe it’s 5:30! Yay for sleeping in on Sunday! It’s my morning to get up with them so I pluck them both out of their cribs. I hold Greyson and assist Fynnlee walking down the stairs. Both kiddos go in their high chairs with some milk so I can take Jacob out to pee.


Change diapers and turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We’re having pulled pork for dinner so I run downstairs to take the meat out of the freezer.  Come back upstairs and help the kids into their chair so they can read a book together.


Pour myself a giant iced coffee because…zzz I’m tired.


Story time  lasts about 5 minutes and they start destroying baby jail.


The kids play while I empty the dishwasher, get the pork in the crockpot and make a quick vinegar cole slaw



I turn off Mickey and tell the kids it’s time to watch the news. I sit in the chair and Greyson comes over to snuggle.


Not to be outdone by her brother, Squish starts chanting “Up, Up, Up, Up”


We read some stories and they watch Pink Fong on my phone while I watch the news.

They start to get whiny around 6:30 and I know that means they’re hungry. I ask them to sit in their chairs and give them each a pouch. I get their cups of Chex ready and hear Fynnlee saying “Help” which means she can’t get the last drops of food out of the bottom. Pouches are finished and they eat some cereal.


Fynnlee feeds half of hers to Jacob.


Dada’s awake! I leave him in charge of the kids and I take Jacob for a walk.


Brrrrr, it’s a brisk morning! Fall is definitely here. Jacob is in Dog Heaven!

026 027

My mum is finally blooming. $10 at Costco for that baby!

028  029

And the trees are just starting to turn.


Kids are in full play mode when I get back. They are obsessed with sitting on the couch.


Or standing. Actually standing is preferred but I try to discourage it.


I give them each a 1/2 a banana before I head upstairs to get ready. We have a brunch to attend!


I shower at night so it takes me literally 10 minutes to get myself together. Less than 5 minutes of that is makeup…I timed myself to prove it.

033   034

I get the kids dressed while Jerry takes a shower and gets himself ready for the day. Someone is ready for the pumpkin patch! Whhyyyy does he look like he’s 15 all of a sudden???


We gather up the crew and head over to my brother’s house to celebrate my favorite niece’s birthday! Kendall is 4! Greyson and Fynnlee both fall asleep in the car on the way there. I know this 15 minute cat nap isn’t going to be enough and am kicking myself for not getting them to nap a bit in the morning.

Grandpa Jim entertains the troops and the cousins all play together.


It’s nice that our Beans can participate in playtime now, rather than just sit there!


Greyson opens and closes this door 100 times.


Katie and Kevin make a fabulous brunch…eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, bagels and fruit. We stuff ourselves (Greyson and Fynnlee eat a little fruit and another pouch. They could live on pouches).  We all sing to Kendall and help her blow out her candle.


Ryan takes the kids joy riding through the neighborhood. His driving skills clearly make them nervous.

044  047

I can tell the kids are tired and Greyson is definitely showing signs of being sleepy.


We take our chances and head over to Yeck’s Farm. It’s a 9 minute drive from Kevin’s house and Fynnlee falls asleep on the way. Surprisingly, she’s in a decent mood when we wake her up. These kids are being troopers today!]


He is already taking after his Mother in the love for animals department. There was a sheep in this pen that he was obsessed with.


Fynnlee is always a bit more cautious.


But when the animals back away from the fence, she’ll check them out.


We bought tickets for the hayride and Jerry said “We should probably head home after this”.

Fynn’s RBF in full effect.


I knew lovebug was ready to sack out. Going, going…




The hayride is fun though. It was about 15 minutes long, which was perfect. I think everyone enjoyed themselves.


And we manage to get one decent family picture to commemorate the day.


Once we get back to the farm, we say our goodbyes and decide to head home. Its almost 1:00 and I know meltdowns are looming.

I had to try for one pumpkin patch shot before we left. Yeah…not happening.


Yeck’s is about 20 minutes from our house and both kids fall asleep about 3 minutes into the drive home. Jerry and I scoop them out of their car seats and deposit them directly into their cribs. They don’t fight us at all.



With the kids zonked out, I decide to take a quick trip the grocery store to get buns for dinner. I knew the store would be empty so I could get in & out quickly. Because, ya know…Steelers.

A few essentials for the week (I hit up Trader Joes on Saturday so we didn’t need much)


I come home & fold a load of laundry


Then watch the second half of the game.  Last year for these bumble bee uniforms!


The kids wake up around 3:30 and have a little snack with Daddy.


And then he reads them 345982 stories while I got dinner ready.


Pulled pork sandwiches, vinegar/garlic slaw and burned sweet potato fries.


The kids try the pulled pork and like it ok…I think they ate a toasted bun and another pouch.  And a bunch of yogurt melts.


After dinner, Jerry plays with the kids while I clean up the mess from mealtime.


They watch some Mickey until it’s time for bed.

077  078

Sippys of milk around 7:00 and they go right to sleep. It’s been a long day. After they’re settled in their cribs, I take Jacob for a walk around the neighborhood. Jerry watches more football and does some work.

080  079

I take a shower and climb into bed to watch some reality TV on Bravo. I think I’m asleep by 8:30. Tomorrow is a work day and 4:30 wake ups are no joke. No shame in my early bedtime game!

And that’s a Day in the Life!

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Whole 30

Over the 4th of July, I was talking to Stephanie about how I have been feeling really lousy. Bloated and lethargic and just generally blah. She mentioned that she was going to try the Whole 30 Progam after the holiday. I had read about it before and had always just said no. freaking. way. But I gave it another once over, and it didn’t sound soooo bad (yes it still did) so I agreed to give it a shot with her. My main motivation in trying it were 1). My skin was a mess. I’ve been having a lot of breakouts and it was overall just dull 2). My knees were constantly hurting and swollen and I know dairy is a big culprit of inflammation. 3). I wanted to clean up my diet and stop with the sugar monster and constant snack attacks. 4). Fine. I wanted to lose a few lbs.

For those of you who haven’t heard of this way of eating, here are the basic rules:

*Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Read your labels, because companies sneak sugar into products in ways you might not recognize.

*Do not consume alcohol in any form, not even for cooking. (And it should go without saying, but no tobacco products of any sort, either.)

*Do not eat grains. This includes (but is not limited to) wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, sprouted grains and all of those gluten-free pseudo-grains like quinoa. This also includes all the ways we add wheat, corn and rice into our foods in the form of bran, germ, starch and so on. Again, read your labels.

*Do not eat legumes. This includes beans of all kinds (black, red, pinto, navy, white, kidney, lima, fava, etc.), peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts. No peanut butter, either. This also includes all forms of soy – soy sauce, miso, tofu, tempeh, edamame, and all the ways we sneak soy into foods (like lecithin).

*Do not eat dairy. This includes cow, goat or sheep’s milk products such as cream, cheese (hard or soft), kefir, yogurt (even Greek), and sour cream… with the exception of clarified butter or ghee. (See below for details.)

Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites. If these ingredients appear in any form on the label of your processed food or beverage, it’s out for the Whole30.

Do not try to re-create baked goods, junk foods, or treats* with “approved” ingredients. Continuing to eat your old, unhealthy foods made with Whole30 ingredients is totally missing the point, and will tank your results faster than you can say “Paleo Pop-Tarts.” Remember, these are the same foods that got you into health-trouble in the first place—and a pancake is still a pancake, regardless of the ingredients.

There are a LOT of rules in the Whole 30. A LOT. And they allow zero room for interpretation. They give permission to eat certain foods but not prepare them in certain ways. For instance, you can eat potatoes. But you can’t fry them…or eat commercially prepared chips (even baked) You can use almond or coconut flour to bread your chicken or add to meatballs. But you can’t use it to make tortillas. (And don’t think of saying the word pancake in their presence. They have a real problem with pancakes. Pancake is a 4 letter word to those Whole 30 people.).

So first of all, let’s be clear…in hindsight, I didn’t exactly follow the Whole 30 plan.  I didn’t read the book. I made microwave potato chips. I put almond milk in my coffee. I snacked on lara bars and dipped my plantain chips (which I bought at giant eagle) in my guacamole. I ate corn. I read labels but not as carefully as I should. I looked for the word sugar and tried to find foods that were minimal processed with ingredients I recognized.  There was some soy in a few things I ate, I’m sure. But I did the best I could and definitely finished 30 days of the WHOLE lot-better-than-I-had-been-eating plan.  And I have no shame.

Here were my WHOLE lbtihbe rules:

No grains (I did eat corn. It’s summer. I’m eating corn.).
No legumes (including peanuts/peanut butter)
No dairy
No sugar or artificial sweetners
No alcohol

And you bet your bottom dollar I stuck to every one for 30 days. Toot Toot!

The first 5-6 days are pretty tough. I’m not going to lie. Not as tough as the first 6 days home with newborn twins after a c-section…but still tough. It’s a lifestyle change and it’s difficult getting used to eating a new way. The hardest part for me was making all of my food. Truly, Lara bars, Pressed by Kind bars and plantain chips were the only prepared foods I ate.  I guess mustard, mayo and almond butter are prepared too but I’m not counting condiments as food.

I limited myself to 1 cup of coffee per day (full disclosure…I drink my coffee out of a 24oz tervis cup. Don’t judge). And I only drank water and unsweetened iced tea. And La Croix. OMG, so much La Croix!

I ate a ton of fruit. Berries, bananas, nectarines, watermelon. Probably 5-6 servings per day.  I ate a lot of raw, cut up veggies but not a lot of salads. Lots of eggs (scrambled, fried & hardboiled).  Lots of “hashes” (potatoes, turkey sausage, peppers, onions).  Roasted and steamed vegetables of all kinds. Grilled or panfried meats and fish. And smoothies.

The results:

I should have taken before/after pictures. I’m kicking myself for not doing so. Regardless…

I lost 8 lbs. Yes, weight loss was a motivation. And I’m proud to say that I lost weight. My clothes fit so much better and I’m flirting with wearing a bikini for the first time in 15 years. But we all know this doesn’t mean diddly if I put it back on. So I need keep up the hard work.

My skin is glowing. The breakouts didn’t really stop until around day 13-14 but I haven’t had one since. I also switched to a new organic cleanser so maybe that helped too.

My knees feel meh…just OK. I may just need to face the fact that I have shitty knees and my diet isn’t going to fix them.

I’m definitely snacking less. Good grief, I didn’t realize how much I was snacking. Taking little bites of pretty much everything.  Cheerios, goldfish, Hershey’s kisses. And hitting up the office vending machine more than I’d like to admit. And I’m actually thinking about what I’m eating as opposed to mindlessly grabbing a slice of cheese from the fridge on a whim.

I’m back to cooking more. Which is annoying sometimes. But I don’t get to eat if I don’t cook and I can’t survive on smoothies. I love to cook though so it’s a good habit I want to continue.

I didn’t eat out much but was pretty tough to do following all of these rules. I had flank steak, grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes. No I didn’t ask what kind of fat they used to prepare the food. And there was some sort of sauce on the steak (I think it was Hoisin based, which is basically sugar) that I scraped off as well as I could.

Going forward:

Do I want to eat this way forever? No. Do I want to keep this as a good basis of my diet. Yes. Absolutely! I’m lucky that I love fruit and vegetables. Grains and cheese are my down fall and I need to work hard to keep from overdoing it. I’m going to reintroduce legumes first. And Stevia…I really want to cut out refined sugar and artificial sweetners as much as possible. Non-Gluten grains will follow and dairy.

You all know my love for pizza. I’m not giving up pizza (EVER), but I am going to eat a lot less of it.  As I am someone who thrives on structure and fails when allowed to wing it, my plan for the foreseeable future is to live by the 80/20 rule.  With 21 meals during the week, 4 of them can be off plan. Not that I can have a free-for-all, but I can eat normal portions of carbs/dairy/sugar without guilt.  So most meals will be still protein/veggie/fruit/good fat. As will snacks. When you only allow yourself cheese 4 times a week, it ain’t gonna be American. My hope is that I continue to really think about what I’m eating and choose high quality food versus empty crappy carbs (yes, I’m breaking up with you Doritos). I don’t believe a healthy relationship with food is one where you don’t indulge on occasion. What is summer without ice cream?! But continuing with this new food mentality will make me appreciate what I’m eating a lot more.

I’m really happy Stephanie convinced me to give this a shot. She stuck to the true plan and is basically a rockstar! I came close enough to be proud of myself. I’ll check in next month to let you know if I’ve stuck to my new habits.

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Day in the Life – Winter 2016

Day in the Life posts are some of my favorites as a blog reader…and I’m super excited to be linking up with Julia @ My Life in Transition for Winter 2016. Considering I’m using this blog as a big ole diary of our life, I should have started doing these a long time ago! But there’s no time like the present…so here goes.

January 21st, 2016
Babies are 8 1/2 months old (or exactly 38 weeks)

4:15 am: I hear Greyson fussing in the nursery. I stumble into his room and replace the Bink he’s spit out at some point. Turn the music on his mobile and stumble back to bed.
4:20: Fynnlee starts to babble and I drift in and out of sleep
4:27: Greyson is fussing louder and I nudge Jerry to go shush him. Jerry is the baby whisperer.
4:45: There is a symphony of sounds coming from the nursery…Fynnlee singing and Greyson whining…and Jerry announces “they’re both up”.
Normally Jerry does diapers while I warm bottles and take out Jacob, but for some reason this morning I decided to grab Greyson and take him with me. (See his top teeth?? I can’t stand the cuteness)

Make it quick, Jacob…it’s 11 degrees outside.

5:00: Bottles are warm and babies are dry. We tag team feeding and then put them on the floor in our room to play while we get ready.

5:20: Jerry hits the shower and I start beautifying. I keep an eye on the babes while I get ready. There are random stops…someone spits up, Fynnlee falls over 4 times, Greyson gets stuck in the corner…but I manage to get myself dressed and whatnot within 45 minutes.

6:05: Greyson poops so he’s first to get dressed. (Not his poop face…)

6:15: I get Fynnlee dressed…apparently we still think it’s Christmas around here.

6:25: The Babes play on the floor while I get their bottles and food ready for the school.

Greyson needs his extra clothes supply replenished as he soaked himself with drool twice yesterday. They each get 2 bottles (Greyson 7oz and Fynn 8oz) and a fruit/veggie puree. Fynn has apple/green bean & Greyson has apple/prune (little dude needs a little help getting things going).

6:35: Jerry takes Jacob out for his long walk and I pack up the kids and our junk.
6:38: On the road! We have an 8 minute drive to work/daycare
6:46: Check in the kids, fill out their daily experience sheets, fill out a form to dispense saline for Fynnlee (she had a bloody nose due to dry sinuses) and put their food in the fridge. Kiss, Kiss…I’m off to work!
7:10: Grab coffee in the cafeteria and head to my desk.
7:15: Eat breakfast and fire up the computer. Work, work, work.

I get a daily report on their day from the Daycare. Their notes in italics.
7:55: Greyson gets a 7 oz bottle. Fynnlee gets an 8 oz bottle
8:10: Diaper change for Greyson
8:15: Diaper change for Fynnlee
9:45: Fynnlee goes down for a nap
9:50: Time for more coffee and a snack. I’m back on a Clementine kick, big time. Maybe I’m pregnant.

10:00: Diaper change for Fynnlee
10:05: Greyson starts his nap.
11:30: Fynn wakes up and gets a fresh diaper
11:35: Head to daycare to see the babes. Greyson is asleep when I get there but he wakes up when within 10 minutes.

11:30 We play for a bit. Fynnlee is trying so hard to crawl. Not in this picture though.

11:45: I help feed the Beans their lunch (I try not to take too many pics at daycare for privacy reasons)
12:00: I head back to work and eat lunch at my desk. Work, work, work.
12:40: Diaper change for Greyson
1:15: Diaper change for Fynnlee

1:45: What in the World hits my Inbox. Daycare sends us a daily newsletter of the day’s activity. It’s pretty much the highlight of my afternoon.

2:10: Diaper change for Greyson. Greyson starts his nap.
2:25: Fynnlee starts her nap
3:00: Greyson wakes up and gets a diaper change
3:15: 7 oz bottle for Greyson
3:20: Fynnlee wakes up and gets a fresh diaper and an 8 oz bottle

4:00: I head to daycare to pick up the kids. Jerry meets me to do the heavy lifting.

4:15: We get home and get the kids situated on the floor. Jerry plays with them while I empty the dishwasher.

It’s a daily occurrence.

4:35: Jerry has some work to do so I put the kids in the jumpers and they entertain themselves while I prepare bottles and food for tonight and tomorrow. Helmets off for their hour or 2 of free time!

Bottles for bedtime, wake-up and daycare ready to go! Pumpkin, banana, spinach puree for tomorrow’s lunch.

5:00 Time for dinner!

Fynnlee has mangos and bananas

And Greyson enjoys green beans and apples. Oatmeal mixed in for both!

5:45: We facetime with Grandma & Poppa in Florida and the kids tell them stories and show them their playtime skills.  I pop our dinner in the oven (Salsa Chicken).

I get the kids room ready for bed (fill up humidifier, get the ipad set up, lay out sleep sacks) and pick out their clothes for the next day. We’re expecting a big snow storm so I choose appropriate outfits.

6:00: Kiddos are getting cranky and rubbing their eyes. No baths tonight so I take Fynnlee upstairs first to get changed into jammies.  And a bib bc omgsomuchdrool!

6:10: Next up is Greyson.

I have to clean up a bit more so I plop him in the (dry) tub for a couple of minutes so he can’t get into trouble. Brilliant plan until he squeezes water from his ducky all over him and gets soaked. New jammies follow.

6:20: I feed Greyson

and Jerry takes Fynnlee

6:30: Both babies are asleep in their cribs so I finish up dinner. Corn and black bean sauté comes together quickly.

7:00 Jerry and I eat and watch The Challenge. We tag team clean up and are relaxing by 7:45.

8:00: We watch Flip or Flop

8:30: I take my shower

9:09 Lights out. 4:15 am sneaks up on you.

And that is a little peek into our day.