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2018 Highlights

Hellllooooo Friends! Anybody out there? I know. It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I’ve stepped foot onto these blog pages. No excuse other than Life.

But I miss keeping a little journal of our lives so I’m back today to share some highlights of 2018. It was a pretty great year! We had some big life changes and the kids hit some big milestones so lets jump right in! In no particular order….

We bought a house!


Our townhouse went on the market in February. And despite the efforts of our awesome real estate agent, we didn’t have a ton of traffic. All along I had been stalking Zillow and Realtor.com checking out what was available in our desired area. This little gem came on the market on a Monday and we sealed the deal on a Wednesday. It wasn’t an easy process…there was a lot of interest in the property. I wrote a letter to the homeowner begging  explaining why this was the perfect house for our family.


We moved in mid July. And we are in love with the place!  She puts on quite a show at Christmas.


We are so excited about the summer and have plans for a MASSIVE vegetable garden. Eeeep!!

I quit my job

And am currently a Stay at Home Mom. My company had been going through some growing pains over the last couple of years. I knew there were some layoffs planned for late 2018 and when they offered a voluntary separation plan, I decided it was time for a change. The initial thought was I’d take a couple of months and then look for another job. But…after some further discussion, the plan now is for me to stay home with the kids until they are in kindergarten, with the understanding that I can go back to work if our budget requires (or if the kids get to be too much).

Unfortunately, this meant the kids would be leaving Bright Horizons. They had been with that daycare since they were 3 months and we have been beyond thrilled with their care. The teachers have all been amazing and they made the best little friends. It was really bitter sweet.

With Miss Leah on their last day…


And I wasn’t sure how I’d like being home and not working but I’m happy to report…I absolutely love it!

We belong to the YMCA and are involved in a bunch of activities through their organization. Swim Lessons, Gym Jamboree, Cooking class, Art class and they have childcare so I can exercise too.


They are also in preschool at a local church 2 days a week and are loving it. They participated in the Christmas Program and it was precious.



The kids are potty trained! 

I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘well, yeah…they’re 3 1/2‘.  But I honestly thought we might never get here.  We did 2 potty training boot camp weekends that were epic fails. The first one lasted 2 hours and included 13 pairs of dirty underpants (plus multiple hardwood floor puddles). The second one lasted a day but it was clear that they weren’t getting it.


So we took a step back and just waited until they showed more signs of being ready. That happened mid summer for Greyson and literally within 12 hours, he was peeing and pooping on the potty exclusively .  He has only had a handful of accidents (most of which occur because he misses the toilet).

Fynn was a different story. She got the whole pee on the potty thing, but the dreaded #2 was a nightmare. She was petrified to go and had zero problem sitting around in a pair of poopy underpants.  I’ll spare you all the details but it was totally disgusting and most of the time, we had to cut her undies off of her to avoid a humongous mess. But patience prevailed and one day, she just did it! And never looked back.  Both kids still wear pull ups at night.  But it just goes to show that every kids is different and they will do it in their own time. And not a minute sooner!

We traveled to Rhode Island for GGs birthday


It was the kids first plane ride since they were less than a year old.


It was for a very special birthday celebration.


We had great time catching up with Jarrad’s family and having a big ole party!





Christmas was magical


Wow was it a great holiday! Actually, all of December was pretty amazing.


We did cookies with Santa and brunch with Santa.


And the same Santa showed up for each event, which just solidified that he. is. real. And awesome!

As you can see, they both were brave enough to sit on his lap and tell them what they wanted.  They were REALLY into presents this year.


Elliott the Elf was sent to stay with us and he was a huge hit! We’re sad he had to go back to the North Pole.


We spent lots and lots of time with family and the kids were spoiled beyond words.


Christmas time is becoming my favorite time!


This post was kind of all over the place but that’s what happens when you don’t show up for a year! I have a 2018 photo dump later in the week and then hope to get back to updating a couple times a month.

We are ready for 2019!!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Weekend update

How is there only one week left until Xmas??? I felt like I had all this time to get stuff done but here we are. T minus 6 days till Santa Claus comes to town.


We had one of those great weekends with not a whole lot planned. Saturday we went to tumbling class followed by a quick trip to Costco and then home for naps. When the kids woke up, we decided it was time to bake cookies!

I am SO not a baker but I love the tradition of making Christmas cookies with the kids. In future years, I’ll bust out the kitchen aid mixer and whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough. Then we can cut shapes and ice and sprinkle the picture perfect cookies.

But for now…Aldi has cut and bake sugar cookie dough that fits the bill. And for $3, we didn’t really care how they turned out.

We had green and red sprinkles everywhere but they had a blast shaking that sugar on their cookies.

They ended up being pretty tasty too!


So Fynnlee has been talking about how excited she is to meet Santa. She wants to sit on his lap and tell him what she wants for Christmas (which is cookies and coffee). We hadn’t planned on doing any special photos because you might remember how well it went last year.

She couldn’t get away from him fast enough.


But Jerry saw a Breakfast with Santa at the same location as last year. And so we said, what the heck? Let’s do it!

Monte Cello’s does a nice breakfast buffet and they have a Santa that walks around, talking to the kids. After a few seconds of burying her face in my neck and being super shy, Fynn came out of her shell and really liked talking to the big guy.

When it came time to sit on his lap, however…she completely changed her tune. The was no chance she was going to STAND next to him, let alone sit on his lap. But she did let me hold her and got pretty close. I call that a win.

The kids fell asleep on the way home and I figured we ruined nap time. But about an hour after we got to the house, they went in their cribs and settled down for a little snooze.

Or so we thought.

I heard talking coming from their room but let them go, figuring they’d eventually fall asleep. I settled myself on the couch in the living room and relaxed with some Don’t Be Tardy on the DVR. About 15 minutes in, I heard the unmistakable pitter patter of little feet running across the floor upstairs.


Jarrad, I just heard someone running around upstairs! We both flew up the steps only to find Thing 1 and Thing 2 giggling in our bedroom. Every single stuffed animal in their bedroom were piled up in Greyson’s crib and we figured they shimmied down the side of his crib, landing on a pile of pillows.

They’re trying to kill me. At least neither of them got hurt.

Jerry went right out and bought a camera for their room so we can monitor their shenanigans. But I think we need to start thinking about big kid beds for them.

The rest of the night was spent making mounds of GG’s famous Pick-a-mix and watching the Steelers lose to the Patriots #heartbreak


So that was our weekend. It’s a short work week for us and we’re getting pretty psyched about our holiday celebrations. Ho Ho Ho!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Catching Up

I swear…I didn’t intend for this blog to become so stale! It’s really not my intention to post once a month. But that seems to be the recent trend. Due to forces beyond my control (the holidays, busy schedules, my offices beefed up firewall), blogging has been put on the back burner. But things will be better in 2018 (promise) and I’m not waiting till then to get back in a groove.

So let’s catch up.

Thanksgiving 2017

What a fun 4 days! We had some special visitors



& Aunt Steph


And ate our faces off on Turkey Day


And at Tako the Saturday after


The 4 day weekend was a blast. Here are some snaps from Thanksgiving Holiday.

Greyson has not stopped playing with this train since Turkey Day.



The temps were picture perfect…just like our little Beans

Thanksgiving Eve Soup night at our house.


And a beautiful tablescape on Thanksving


Someone loves being the center of attention



Beaver Light Up night


Look who showed up!


3rd Annual Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm

We found the perfect tree!

Girls shopping trip with Grammy

Annual Christmas Photos



Decorating our tree

My favorite ornaments

So this is not as detailed as I would like but it’s better than nothing, right? The holiday season is kinda crazy so I’m happy I got to capture a bit of it.

More to come!! xo

Fynnlee, Greyson

Life Lately…

Hi there friends! Long time no see (or talk). Broken record over here…I’ve been meaning to blog but things have been pretty crazy in the last month. And when they’re not crazy, I’m lazy so….

Let’s catch up!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are going to do it up right. We have a weekend chock full of fun that kicks off tonight with the arrival of Aunt Steph & GG! Grammy & Grandpa Carl are coming over too for soup and sandwiches so it’ll be a full house at our place for T’giving Eve. Thanksgiving day will be spent and Grandma & Papa’s (with Grandpa Jim & Grandma Anna joining us for turkey day) and then we have Light Up night on Friday, dinner with friends at Tako on Saturday and who knows what else on Sunday. Whew! I’m gonna need a weekend to recover from my holiday weekend.

Here’s a little snapshot of what the kids have been up to the past few weeks:

Super hero birthday party for our friend Brooke

Trains and Cars and Painting at Children’s Museum

Fun for Daddy too…

Hitting up the playground on the weekend

And at school


And getting into all sorts of fun activities in the classroom


We have so much to be Thankful for. Enjoy your holiday!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Poor sweetpea came down with a wicked chest cold over the weekend and almost wiped out her chances of attending the big parade today. You might recall, Greyson had a double ear infection last year and missed out on all the fun. But Fynnlee rallied and started to feel better just in time. Good thing too because Grandma Lois spent a lot of time working on the perfect Mickey & Minnie costumes for our favorite kiddos! Wait till you see how cute they turned out!

But first, let’s check in on some past Halloween favorites.

2014 – Jerry & I made it Facebook Official…Two new Soscia’s were going to be making their debut in 2015!

2015 – Six months old and their first Halloween.

The sweetest little frog you ever did see.

And the sassiest kitty on the planet!

Clearly their first parade was thrilling.

2016 – A year and a half old. Greyson Paul stayed home with Mom while our squishy octopus snagged all the candy she could get!

Again, thrilled at the concept of parade.

2017 – 2.5 years old. “Mick and Mimmie”…I’ve been planning this for months!

Seriously, she is perfection. Even when she doesn’t feel 100%

One pack of Skittles later…the sugar high kicks in! Parades are fun!

I can’t even. He gets cuter every time I see him.  Now he gets it…parade = candy!

Thank you for our awesome costumes Grandma! I have a feeling they will be making an appearance in the future.

It’s supposed to be in the low 40s and rainy tonight. So we’ll probably take advantage of the fact that our kids have no idea what trick or treating is and keep them home . But for all you little monsters headed out…Be safe!

Happy Halloween!

Daily Life, Fynnlee, Greyson

Life lately

Well hello there! Long time, no posts. I have no excuse other than we’ve been soaking up the last days of summer and things have been crazy busy. Whatever…let’s catch up!

This week the Beans will be 28 months old. That’s 2 years and 4 months of life with these amazing little people. Yes, they are officially people …speaking in full sentences and everything. It’s pretty crazy, actually. I’m gonna give you a little run down on milestones and stuff.

Greyson Paul

His speech  is off the charts good. He throws new words at me everyday. And I understand them! The other day we were watching Mickey Mouse and Toodles was flying around with sparkles all over it and he said “Whoa, that’s cool!” His favorite things to say are “Don’t want it“, “I do it“, “Help me” (which means I want to help you). Everything is located Right There! and he takes possession over all the things MY puppy, MY bink, MY Mommy...

He sees no reason to wear pants, ever. He takes his pants off the second we get home from school. And pretty much any other chance he gets.

He currently hates baths, his high chair, and food. Seriously, he’s existing on milk, cereal bars, yogurt and pouches. I’ve pretty much given up trying to get him to eat these days, after throwing away 90% of what I put in front of him. He will not eat in his high chair, or a booster chair. And bath time has become a battle.

Our days at the pool have become days in the sandbox. He doesn’t even want to go in the water. He does like playing with the shower they have to rinse the sand off of you. But other than that, the pool is “too cold”.

He’s gonna have a blast at the beach, though!

Right now, he’s really into MM Roadster Racers, cars, trucks & trains, jumping on the couch, being outside and playing with water. He also likes pushing stuff around (like his stroller) and he likes to color and paint.

We’ve gotten our money’s worth at Living Treasures (we bought a seasons pass) and his favorite thing in the whole park is the alligators.

He’s still in a big time Mommy phase…which I certainly don’t hate.  And he likes to be carried around a lot.

He still adores his big sister but we’re going through a bit of a hitting phase. He gets frustrated and just hauls off and whacks her periodically throughout the day. She often provokes him by taking his stuff or pushing him but still. Not acceptable.

Sleep is pretty solid for Greyson and 90% of the time we can count on 7:30 bedtime, 6:00 wake up. Now his sister, that’s a whole other story.

Stats on Greyson:

appx 28lbs, still fits in 18-24 month pants, 2T tops, size 6 shoe

Fynnlee Ann

Oh this child. She is hilarious. She’s a chatter box and while her enunciation isn’t as good as Greyson, she’s got a lot to say. She loves to sing and her newest trick is burping (gross) followed by an enthusiastic “I burped! (we’re working on Excuse Me, too). I did it! is her favorite expression and she’s very proud of herself when she accomplishes something.

Her meltdowns are epic. She is the typical toddler…she wants it, she doesn’t want it, she wants it, she doesn’t want it. She wants the blue cup..NOT THE BLUE CUP! Screaming, flailing, throwing herself on the floor. All of it. She’s definitely two.

She has a pretty good appetite. She loves snacks and asks for one 29074907 times a day. Pesto chicken, noodles, broccoli, yogurt, corn on the cob. All her favorites.

Girl friend is pickier than she used to be but she will always eat YOUR food.

We have made MAJOR progress in the icky sand situation. At the beginning of the summer, Fynnlee wouldn’t step foot in the sand pit.

Now there is hope for the beach! Fynnlee still LOVES to swim. LOVES it! She loves to jump off the side and pushes you away if you try to help. She’s fearless.

She’s also no longer afraid of the animals at Living Treasure. She used to be afraid to go near them and insisted on being held the whole time. That’s all changed. She asks every weekend to go see the Amoles (animals).

Fynnlee’s favorite things are Thomas & Friends, Mickey Mouse, cutting paper, coloring, jumping, swimming, anything to do with water and her Daddy.

She love me too.

Sleep for Fynnlee is Meh. Isn’t sleep always Meh for Fynnlee? Good days have her asleep by 7:30 up by 5:15. Bad days she’s up at 4:15 or earlier. Yes, she’s still waking up that early. Not as often as she used to, but we can count on it once or twice a week. She’s so stinking lovable at 4 am though…

Stats for Fynnlee:

31.5 lbs, 3t bottoms, 2t or 3t tops, size 7 shoe.

While there are tantrums now & then and boundaries that are pushed daily, things are more fun than ever!  Life is nutso right now and these two pretty much just go with the flow.

I love this age! And yes, we are losing the pacifier battle.

Oh and we leave for the beach in 12 days!  Yay!



Fynnlee, Greyson

School dayz catch up.

So we’ve knocked out the first week in August and I’m two weeks behind in sharing school pics. I’m not really sure if anyone is actually reading along and enjoying these (besides those folks related to the Beans) but I’m gonna keep posting them anyway. I’d like to get back on a regular posting schedule but can’t seem to get my act together.

So let’s catch up, shall we? Last week was Bug week!

Monday started out with a hunt for bugs.

I’m pretty sure he’s the cutest little Bug you’ll ever see.

She’s pretty cute too.

The weather has been pretty nice (low humidity, mid 70s) recently and the days are spent on the playground.  So scooting around the turf was on the agenda.

As was mowing the astroturf.


The school arranged for a snow cone truck to come to the school and the Beans had their first “taste” of my favorite summer treat.

I use the word “taste” loosely.

Most of it got flung on the ground.  But they’ll come around eventually.

Water play day was on a Tuesday last week because the day was so nice.

Water bug! No fear of spiders, just like her Mama.

Wednesday – another fun day at the playground.

And dressing for the theme of the week!


The kids floated around the play yard like butterflies

My favorite Lovebug mid-float.

Greyson is getting really good at going up the ladder. With a little help from his big sister.

She’s got it mastered!


The kids made “ants on a log” for the last day of bug week.

Cream cheese is a crowd pleaser.

And after they “cooked”, they cleaned.

Well done Bright Horizons! I like the cleaning lesson the most.

More fun on the playground.

Happy FriYAY!

Ice Cream week

Monday – the kids made ice cream sundaes from tissue paper.

Girlfriend is a big fan of the glue stick, apparently.

More scooting…

More mowing…


Ice cream flavor tasting. AKA…the best day EVER!


Outside, outside, outside….



They made bubbling ice cream cones. Baking soda is in the cone and the food coloring makes it bubble.

Great day for a white shirt, Mom


It started with a dance party!

Hop, hop, hop!

And HOP!

But a fever of 102 cut this little dude’s day short. Quick trip to the docs indicated a stupid virus. Clear ears, clear throat. Prescription for extra snuggles.

Sister got to make homemade ice cream in the afternoon.

Friday – Greyson stayed home with Grandma & Papa and Fynnlee was NOT happy about it. She rallied once we got to school.

The morning started out with story time. Guess who loves story time???

And waterplay?

Nothing turns Fynnlee’s day around like splashing in the water!

So now you’re caught up! I’m hoping to get back to the Weekend updates soon. And more life lately posts too.

Have a great weekend!

Fynnlee, Greyson

School Dayz

Did you know there are only 6 weeks until Labor Day?? No no no no no no NO!!

We’re lucky that the nice weather holds out until end of October around here. And September brings our first family BEACH vacation (I’m so excited to get my toes in the sand, I could burst!). But I love summer so much and I’m bummed it’s 1/2 over. Oh well…there is still summer fun to be had!

So what have these Beans been doing at school? Playing outside, of course! The slide never gets old.

That face, Fynnlee. That face is gonna get you whatever you want, girlfriend.

The theme this week is camping and the teachers had a super fun activity that I’m totally going to steal. They laid aluminum foil in the bottom of a pizza box and layered graham crackers, chocolate and a marshmellow inside. Close the box for 20+ minutes and let the sun do its thing. Instant smores!

Both kids were big fans.

And ended up on a major sugar high!

All the zoomies.


and slide. Forever.

The rain brought some indoor play…the yellow ball is back!

two days in a row.

And they played dress up with a police costume.

I was dying at this picture. “Oh hey Mom…Greyson is gonna take me to the movies. Don’t worry, he’s bringing his sister along to chaperone.”

“Hey Mom, can I bring my new boyfriend home for dinner?”  He’s a ladies man, for sure.

Splatter paint shirts…

For splatter paint pictures.

And water play day is the best day!

They could dump water in buckets for hours.

This day was a little cold and Greyson doesn’t do cold.

Fynnlee…could care less.

And that wraps up our School dayz for the week! We have a pretty low key weekend on tap and I’m hoping it doesn’t rain the whole time. Only 6 more weeks of the pool!

Have a great one!

Fynnlee, Greyson, Weekend

Scenes from Summer

Remember when I said in my last post…Summer’s not even half over!?

Well Summer is officially 1/2 over. Booooo… We’re doing our best to make the most of these hot and sunny days. Here are some snaps from the camera roll.

Fun at the children’s museum

Uncle Kevin’s and Grammys birthday celebration

(Girlfriend loves her cupcakes.)

Brunch at the Commoner

Taking in a ballgame

Hanging out on the deck

Stay tuned for a school dayz update tomorrow!