Christmas 2017

Another Holiday season is in the books. And let me tell you, it was a good one! Our Christmas vacation was essentially stretched out over 4 days, with the kids and I being off on Friday and Monday. We were busy!

Thursday – I picked the kids up from school and we went to BRGR for early bird special Burgers and fries.

Greyson ate almost 2 whole chicken fingers which was a Christmas miracle in itself!

After dinner we headed out to the Butler County Fairgrounds for the Shadrack Christmas Light Show. I had heard a lot of good things about it and it didn’t disappoint. We all loved the music and the lights and the holiday spirit.

Friday we had tumbling and I ran errands and then the evening was spent at Grammy’s playing with cars, eating pizza and petting her cats.

Christmas is almost here!

Sunday – Merry Christmas Eve!

Our Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma & Papa’s house.

We started out the night opening presents

and presents…

and MORE presents! We were all pretty spoiled.

Grandma made an Italian Feast and we were all pretty excited to eat.


We started out with stuffies, caramelized onion puffs and snail salad.

And then I must have put my phone away because I missed pictures of the baccala, linguine with clam sauce, fried shrimp, crab cakes…oh boy. There was a lot of food! And it was so delicious. Grandma outdid herself!

We all made it into bed by 10, which is the latest our kids have ever stayed up. I was expecting them to sleep till 7.

Monday – Christmas Day

So, they woke up at 5:40 (shocker!) and wanted to “get in Mommy and Daddy’s bed, drink milk and watch Paw Patrol”. I went downstairs to make coffee, feed the dog and wait to video tape them coming downstairs to see what Santa had brought them.

1/2 hour later and I’m on my second mug enjoying the lights and a little Xmas Vacation.


They got a big train table (which Greyson hasn’t stopped playing with)

and a roller coaster.

plus stocking stuffers (Mickey Roaster Racer stuff)

And magic coloring books.

And Mother Nature brought us a white Christmas!

Around 10:00, my Dad & Anna, my brother and his Family and Jarrad’s family joined us for brunch. More presents!

It was organized chaos.

I’ve always said that Jarrad’s Dad and sister have never taken a bad picture. Well shoot them with mouth fulls of food and that’ll do it. Hence why I blurred them out! We had a lovely morning.

After naps, we headed over to my brothers to celebrate with my Mom and Carl. I don’t think I took a single picture! I need to go back and reread Blogging 101. But Katie made the best pot roast I’ve ever had and we opened MORE presents. We are all so very blessed.

It was a beautiful holiday season. I am so thankful that we have our health and our families and our special Beans. It was truly an amazing time of year. 2017 was a good one.


2017 Mug Exchange

So let’s forget the fact that I’ve turned into an awful blogger over the last couple of months. I have good intentions but man, time gets away from me. But I’m determined to get back in the game and I’m letting Stephanie’s Mug Exchange give me the jump start I need.

To know me is to know that I LOVE coffee. When I saw this Mug Love Exchange pop up on Danielle’s blog, I knew I wanted in on it!

I was paired up with Bri from School in our Slippers. Bri is kind of like Superwoman. Not only does she have 4 beautiful kiddos…she’s homeschooling them too!  And I’m not gonna lie…her pics of sweet baby Rutley totally give me baby fever and now I want like 62 more kids. (Calm down, Jerry. I know…we’re done).

Bri sent me a list of some mugs that she liked and I immediately saw she had fabulous taste. It was just like mine!! And I am absolutely in love with the one she sent. It’s the perfect size (LARGE) and the design sets the mood for fall but will be fun to use all year long.

She also sent this adorable house for the kids to put together. The Beans love crafts so we’re super excited for this. Plus some coffee for me (yay!) and some candy corn for snacking.

This was such a fun blogger exchange and I just love “meeting” new friends. It looks like Bri got our care package so pop on over to her blog and check it out. And say Hi while you’re at it!

Thank you for my new favorite mug, Bri! It’s going to get a LOT of use! xo


School days and the start of TWOs!

The Beans just completed their last week in the Toddler room at daycare! I feel like they just started.

Here they are their first week in Toddlers. oh em gee…


So how was their last week.

Tuesday – they painted the walls of the “playground” with water.

They were big fans of this activity.

And they were really good at it!

Wednesday – oh ya know…just more mowing the astroturf.

In our matching paint splatter shirts.

Thursday  – They got their playgound back!! The construction on their building was finally complete and playtime resumed where it should.

And Greyson decided to pose for his senior picture. Why does he look so grown up???

This little squish was so happy to have her bench back!

And she worked hard on her carpenter skills. It was construction week.

They love the trees on the playground and applying teamwork to shake their ball from the branches.

Friday – Fynnlee missed her last day in Toddlers due to a little digestive situation she had going on. But Greyson played hard for the both of them!

And then Monday was their first day in TWOs!

Walking in like he owns the joint.

This class room is a lot more structured then Toddlers. We get a curriculum each week outlining what they will be learning. And there are more rules and focus on life skills, in addition to basics like spelling, counting (in English and Spanish), colors, etc…

The Beans are HUGE fans of Bubbles so this was a great week for them to start in their new classroom.

Making bubble bottles.

They still get their favorite playtime in the MMZ…

With all of their favorite balls.

I’m so excited for them to be moving up and learning new things. We absolutely adored their teachers and it’s going to be a tough transition in that respect. 

You can see how much they love their Toddler teachers in this sneak preview of their school pictures :).

But Bright Horizons has such an amazing staff and I know we’ll love their new teachers too!