What a week!

What a week, right?!

I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Good grief this was the longest week ever and Where the heck did this week go?? Maybe because I look at my calendar and it’s jam packed over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Lots of fun, FUN stuff on the horizon and this Sunday kicks off Birthday Week for my two favorite little people. You guys…how do I have two year old children?? I seriously can’t even….

So rather than bawl my eyes out, I’m going to recap all the fun of the week.


Who is this giant child riding a bike with a helmet on???

Greyson spent the day with the Big kids in the Twos class. He’s ready to move up.


We had a bright sunny day which meant a ride around the campus in the big buggy.

Think they like this activity?


Rainy day = playtime in the MMZ


Still rainy but she won’t let that get her down.

He makes friends where ever he goes.  Plastic people are no exception.

The afternoon cleared up and that meant a walk in the sun.


Never to young to start some light yard work. She takes her job very seriously. 

Him….not so much. 

It’s all fun and games to Greyson. 

I’m headed to Hershey PA for a girls weekend. Can’t wait to hang with my BFF, hit the spa and eat lots of chocolate! Happy weekend to you.


Catch up

Who wants to see what the kids were up to last week at school? I thought you might.

Monday – Sunny day spent on the playground

Tuesday – Drawing and playtime in the MMZ

Wednesday – exploring a birds nest with our magnifying glasses

(These 3 musketeers have been friends since day one of their daycare days. Vivian is a few weeks younger than our kids but they have basically grown up together.)

Thursday – lots of play and stories

Friday – Crazy weather for our Pirates home opener. We still wore our gear.


So the weekend was a bit of a bust due to Fynnlee’s current “digestive” situation. She was still refusing to go to the bathroom and her little hiney was raw and so, so sore.

Saturday – Jerry took Fynnlee to the doctors and I took Greyson to the playground.

Then Oliver and baby Ellis came over for a playdate.

We had some lunch

And my ovaries basically exploded when I saw Jerry holding Ellis. He is so dreamy. Ellis is pretty cute too.


High of 35 on Friday….75 on Sunday. Western PA has a split personality. Jerry took Greyson to swim class and I stayed home with Fynnlee. She was feeling a little better and we had fun playing on the deck.

Once they got home, we loaded up the kids and went to the playground. Yes, front facing seats…I’m a rebel.

It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were all happy for some fresh air.

We stopped at Bruster’s on the way home and it turns out my kids don’t like ice cream What the what?

Fynnlee stayed home Monday and Today. A couple of days of frequent diaper changes and no pants is on her agenda. Here’s hoping for a good rest of the week! 


Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 21.3 months

The year is 2030. The time is 4:30 am. I am banging pots and pans above my teenage daughter’s head. “Mooooooooom, stoooooppp itttt”, she whines. “Why do you keep waking me up so early???”

“My darling Fynnlee…please refer to blog post 2/21/2017 where I complain that you haven’t slept past 4:30 for almost 2 years and I tell you paybacks are a B.”

~Sigh~ I’m tired.

In her defense, Fynnlee was just sick (again). Double ear infection this time and we had 3+ nights of a very miserable baby getting next to zero sleep. And as things usually go with my favorite daughter, it takes at least 2 weeks for her to get back to decent sleep. She’s been waking up between midnight & 1:30 and screaming for at least an hour before waking up for the day @ 5. Now I will happily sit up and snuggle her all night when she is ill, but I have zero patience for this other nonsense. Quite frankly, if she were an only child, I pop my earplugs in and let her scream her head off all night long. Sound heartless & cold? Spend a week of sleep overs at my house. You’ll quickly change your tune.

Greyson continues to sleep super well. Out like a light by 7 and up around 6. And it’s not fair for him to have to deal with her screaming so we have been putting her in the pack n play in our bedroom. Jerry can sleep through a parade marching through our room but I can’t sleep through that noise. Let me remind that I’m cold and heartless and the screaming doesn’t bother me. I just need quiet to sleep well. So tonight is a new plan. She wakes up. I get her, put her in our room and then sleep in the guest room.

I told Jerry all of these sleepless nights are just my training for Las Vegas (we will be there in 11 weeks…EEEK!). He said we’re the only people who go to Vegas to get a good nights sleep.

Alright. Enough of that (I know, I know…I’m obsessed with sleep).

So Fynnlee was sick on Friday and we put in the first call to duty for Grandma Soscia. She’s been officially living in Pittsburgh for 10 whole days. #godblessgrandparents.

Saturday she was still miserable and Jerry volunteered to take her to the doctor. And I took Bug on a date to the Children’s Museum.

Hooboy, what a difference in that place Saturday vs. Sunday! It was nuts.

The beauty of the membership is we can go for an hour and not feel guilty about the cost. By noon, it was packed and I hate crowds so we checked out to relieve Daddy.

I need to make it more of a priority to get one on one time with my kids. It’s good for them and me.

Fynnlee’s fever broke later in the day and by dinner time, she was feeling much more like herself.


Our weather this weekend was insanely beautiful. Blue skies and sun all around. It was in the 60s which makes pants optional.

It was a great day for a drive to my Dads and Grandma & Grandpa Hurley prepared us a feast! Filet, chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, carrots and apple pie. I forgot the booster seats (whomp whomp) but these two Beans were so proud of themselves sitting at the table in big kids chairs. And Fynnlee ate her weight in Choo Choo wheels (Grandmas always make better food than Moms do), which made me very happy considering she had no appetite while she was sick.

They love their Grandma Anna!

So that was the weekend. Fynnlee was extra pumped to get back to school on Monday and wowed her teachers with a 3 hour nap #becauseshewontsleepatnight. Speaking of school, here are some recent snapshots:



And that’s life lately! Hope you have a great, healthy, rested week!


Fa la la la LAAAAA

The holiday spirit is in full swing in our little neck of the woods. I’m going to tell you all about what fun we’ve been having, but first…

STOP IT! Look at these two. I can’t even….

So we went to the Christmas tree farm on the coldest day we’ve had in 9 months. Brrr…the kids are still a little young to get into this fun activity.

Actually, they were pretty miserable.

But we got a beauty. We’ve only put the non-breakable ornaments on the tree for now…little hands have been Grabby McGrabbers. Will add the rest closer to the big day.


Christmas tree hunting was followed by Mad Mexing.

For a Mexican joint, they have great waffle fries.

Oh yeah.

With winter finally showing up, we’ve done lots of snuggling while watching Twice Upon a Mickey Christmas (87293 times)

Sometimes with our eyes closed.

We’ve decorated the heck out of our little townhouse. Jerry’s massive wreath has finally found it’s home.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas.

We had breakfast with Santa. One little girl couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

We managed to get one decent shot.

Daddy & Greyson too Jacob to Lather to get beautiful for the holidays. And then spent the day watching football.

While Fynnlee, Grammy and I hit the mall for a girls shopping trip!

Fa la la la la, la la, la, LA!!


Life with Greyson & Fynnlee 13.4

It was a short week at school thanks to our Florida vacation but I didn’t want to forget all the fun. They had a busy 2 days!

It was red, white and blue week and we dressed appropriately. The kids had a blast making their own sensory bottles.

Feathers don’t make a lot of noise but they’re soft and pretty!

There was also lots of indoor playtime due to a rainy day.

Greyson had a ball despite the cloudy skies.

Patriotic Squish.

They also had a blast making firecracker paintings with paper towel rolls.

I can’t even with her piggies.

Cheerios for life.

The sun eventually came out and it was time for splashing!

I’m guessing she just got blasted in the face by her brother.


See ya later school! We’re outta here..

We are having a blast in the sun. Next week I’ll have their 14 month update (what?) and our vacation recap. You won’t want to miss the story of Fynnlee losing her mind on our flight and screaming bloody murder for 20 minutes straight. Spoiler alert…every passenger hated us by the time we landed.

Have an amazing (and safe) 4th of July!!



Life with Greyson 13.2

This week kind of got away from me. And here we are…it’s already/finally Friday. Sorry for the radio silence.

It was a big week for the Beans.  They are officially Toddlers!

Monday morning, they spent a few hours with their Infant I teachers and then off to Toddlers they went! (We miss you Miss Mariann & Miss Karen!)

The inital plan was for them to spend the morning in Toddlers and then head back to Infant I in the afternoon. But they did so well, they stayed all day!

They sat at the table like big kids and had their lunch. No Fynnlee wasn’t shunned in a corner by herself.

She had lunch with two other friends!

 Overall they did pretty well. I’ll touch more on Fynnlee’s transition tomorrow but things were pretty smooth for Greyson. They call him the Mayor because he waltzed right in and made friends with every one. Like he’s always been there.

I didn’t want to forget to share his last week in Infants. Ya know…because Bug Month is awesome!

And this little guys thinks bugs are great!

The magnetic bugs are super fun to bang together.

Love BUG in a box…

He painted a bee hive on bubble wrap.

And played “put the bugs in their house”.

Bugs in ice are SO COOL (get it??). What’s with that crazy hair? I think he had just woken up from a nap. At least I hope…

On the food front…we have an awesome eater! I’m sure it’s a phase (isn’t everything with these babes a phase?), but this little bug is eating all the things these days! Favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, meatballs, pasta, cheese and peanut butter.

Here he has mix of lentils, white beans, chicken, broccoli and spinach. Covered in parmesan cheese, of course.

This week in sleep has been pretty crappy, compared to normal sleep.

I think dropping a nap (they now take one 2 – 2 1/2 hour nap around noon) is leading to a big of a blip in our sound sleep. Bedtime’s been around 6:45 and wakeup is back to 4:30 (UGHHHH!). With a few wake ups due to lost binkies sprinkled throughout the night.

It’s just a phase. It’s just a phase. It’s just a phase.

But this might be my most favorite picture ever. My two favorite guys. 6:00 on Friday night.

And I can’t wrap up this post without sharing this…photos taken exactly one year apart. The days are long but the years are short.  

WHAAAAAAAAAA! Stop growing. 

Update for Fynnlee before week’s end. Pinky swear!



Fridays with Fynnlee

Who else is excited that it’s the weekend?! AND…it’s the official start of summer! 

Bring on the sun! We’ve had a stretch of lousy weather that lasted a few weeks. Which kept us all inside…not that cruising around the house isn’t fun. 

Some of us are cruising all over the joint. 

But warmer days lets us get lots of fresh air and that’s good for everyone. And we get to practice with our beach toys…we have a Florida vacation coming up in a month! 

We’re breaking out the baby pool this weekend. It’s time to take these water babes outside! 

No bubbles allowed in the pool. 

Crazy hair, don’t care. 

Speaking of bubbles, the kids got to chase some around the room this week. 

Fynn couldn’t decide what she thought of them. 

She did decide ice painting is fun! 

As is shake painting 

It’s SOOOOOO fun!

She also love to try out new toys. 

This day it was all about triangles. 

And she’s happy it’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend! (Get it!?)

Hope yours is a happy and safe one!!