Fynnlee, Greyson

Thanksgiving 2015

I know. We missed a whole installment of Fridays with Fynnlee. The Thanksgiving holiday got me all outta whack!

So we’re gonna wrap up Thanksgiving today, get a 7 month update (?!what!?) on these Beans tomorrow and get back on track with Fridays w/ Fynn at the end of the week. Mmmkay? Oh Kay!

Gobble till you Wobble. We had such a lovely week!  Aunt Stephanie was here for Five Whole Days and these two turkeys just loved having her here!

And WTH?…we have zero pictures of her from this trip! That is unacceptable. We’ll make up for it at Xmas…

Stephanie and I tag teamed the big day and our feast was pretty epic. Bad picture…beautiful bird.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and Jerry’s famous spoon corn bread. We had enough for a small army. There were 5 of us.

Lots of books were read.

And these two are all of a sudden in love with Jacob.

He’s pretty fond of them too.

There was playtime with Daddy.

And the first of 893 new Christmas Family Traditions. Going to the Christmas Tree Farm!

We got a beautiful tree! It’s not decorated yet…pictures to come.

It was a great weekend.

We wrapped it up on Sunday with Greyson and Dad watching football.

And Fynnlee, Grammy & I hit the mall!

This little girl was such an angel for the whole shopping trip and she even got to sit in an actual high chair at lunch!

The next 25 days are going to be very Merry!


Fridays with Fynnlee

Oh my, my…thank g o o d n e s s s s s it’s Friday. Was this an exhausting week for everyone? Or just us?

Daylight savings time can bite me. I always heard parents complain that it throws a wrench in all the works.

But holy geez…I finally get it. Sleep has been hard to come by this week. Greyson is sleeping better now that we’re just leaving him alone when he flips on his tummy. But this one…

My loveable little Squish has decided sleep is for suckers. Why sleep when you can par-tay?!

The Beans are going to bed no problem but around 1:00, my princess turns into a pumpkin and all hell breaks loose. She’ll babble for a while. Then she’s scream. Then she’ll cry. More babbling…lots more screaming. And then lots and lots and lots more crying. One night Jerry and I alternated holding/rocking her for 2 hours and I finally gave in and hit her with the Tylenol. I’m guessing this nonsense is teething (and if it’s not…hooboy, we are in for it) and after 27 teething tabs didn’t work, the Tylenol finally did.

(sidebar – I noticed with both of my children that a shot of Tylenol instantly calms them down and helps them sleep. I know there isn’t a sedative and the pain relief isn’t immediate so I’m not sure what the what is going on? Thoughts? And lest anyone think I’m just doping my kids up with that sweet red goo…I’ve only given it to Greyson twice and Fynnlee once in the last 2-3 weeks.)

So last night, both babes got some great shut eye (well Fynnlee woke up around 1:30, babbled for 15 minutes and talked herself back to sleep). And then at 2:00…Jacob jumped on the bed and pawed me in the face (not really but it makes a better story) and whined to go out. Furry dude had some business to take care of and my perfect night of uninterrupted sleep was shot. Welcome to the rest of my life…

Once she’s up, the morning goes a little like this…I feed her, then I guzzle 18 mugs of coffee while she plays.

Then we read some stories

Then she jumps for a half hour (which is very serious business)

Then brother wakes up and she watches me feed him.

Then we get dressed and ready to start our day.

(Another sidebar…looooooook at the adorable matching jammies I found at Target! $16.99 for one set and the second set was 50% off. Bargain shopping and it ain’t even Black Friday. I LOVE me some Christmas PJs.)

And she had a fun week at school (these are from last week)…

painting with beads.

Exploring new toys

Discovering the joys of the jack-o-lantern

Prepping for the big parade

Final sidebar -(I’m all over the place today!) This morning we repurposed our Moses basket into a makeshift play pen. The Beans can almost sit up on their own and this worked out well as it offered just the right amount of support. And kept their toys corralled at the same time.

Tomorrow we start day 1 of our helmet therapy. The kiddos will be acclimated to their helmets over 5 days with the end result being that they will wear them 23 hours a day. I’ll have a whole separate update on their noggin situation soon. Fynn wouldn’t let me take a picture of her having hers fitted (she was super tired…so. much. drama.) but my little lovebug was pretty cooperative


Wish us luck!


Fridays with Fynnlee

Happy Friday, yinz guys!

Time to see what’s been going on with everyone’s favorite little Squish! (cutest photobomb ever).

I parked Fynn in the rock n play this morning and she barely fits in it. How’s this for some perspective?! 2 week old Fynnlee on the left and 20 week old Fynnlee on the right. Her feet are almost hanging over the edge now.


We took some selfies in the mirror this week.  She loves looking at her reflection!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful one of all?  You are, sweet pea.

You most certainly are.

We decided it was time to free the babes from their swaddles.  We always start off bedtime with them swaddled tight in their Halo Swaddle Sacks…only to have them bust out within an hour of going to bed.  Fynnlee had no problem falling asleep.

 Staying asleep was an issue.  For the first time in over a month, she woke up at 3:00 am and was WIDE. AWAKE.  Singing, chatting, yelling, crying…I even tried rocking her for a few minutes but she wasn’t interested.  I don’t think it was related to the swaddling.  Jerry thinks she’s trying to move around in her sleep and waking herself up.

Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat performance tonight.  This is what I like to see when I go into the nursery between 7-5:30.  (Greyson, of course, slept through the night from 7-5:45…for the first time in pretty much…ever).

We went to breakfast with friends and this is pretty much what she did for the entire time. She’s become a pretty chill little one.

We’re in the process of learning to sit up on our own.  It’s slow progress but she’ll get there. I’m not sure if this video will work but I’ve earned my nomination for Mom of the year

She’s still having a blast at daycare.  She gets to play with all kinds of fun sensory toys.

She makes beautiful art projects…with her feet.

She even got to ride in a tractor!

It’s been a fun week for our girl. Up next week…introduction to solids.

The Beans

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 4 Months

In keeping with my screwed up timing this week, Fridays with Fynnlee is being pushed to Saturday.  I’ll get it together next week!

In it’s place we have their 4 Month Update!  They are currently 4 months, 11 days old but this picture was taken on the actual date.  Look at those chipmunk cheeks!  You can’t tell by this picture but they are just about the same length.


Every day I think “this is the best time yet!” and then a new day starts and it’s even better.  They just change so much and get more and more interactive.  Every day is my favorite day!width="225"

Doctors Appointment – 4m10d old



Our little man has a bit of a head cold…that’s why his coloring looks a little off.
1 month: 6lbs 12oz (0%)
2 months: 9 lbs 10 oz (6 %)
4 months: 15lbs 3oz (35%)
1 month: 19.5 inches (0 %)
2 months:  21 inches (1 %)
4 months: 24.25 (8%)
Head circumference: 43.5 cm (89 %)
Wearing:  3 & some 6 month clothes, Size 2 diapers

This guy is growing by leaps and bounds!  He still has a giant head but it’s not off-the-charts huge so that’s a good thing. We have an appointment at the end of the month with the Craniofacial Center at Children’s Hospital.  Greyson will definitely need a helmet due to the torticollis causing his head to be really misshaped.  But not to worry…we’re gonna slap some black and gold on that sucker and he’ll be the cutest little Steeler fan you’ve ever seen!

He’s hitting all of his developmental milestones and is overall pretty healthy.



1 month: 8lbs 12oz (38%)
2 months:  11lbs 6oz (66%)
4 months: 17lbs 6oz (92%)
1 month: 20.25 inches (14 %)
2 months: 22.25 inches (58%)
4 months: 24.75 inches (53%)
Head circumference:  42.0 cm (80%)
Wearing: 6 month clothes, Size 3 diapers

You read that correctly…92% for weight.  She gained 6 lbs in 2 months. We have a good eater on our hands, that’s for sure!  I asked if we should be concerned and the answer was “not at all”.

Fynn is going to be measured by the Craniofacial doctor as well, but our pediatrician didn’t think she will need a helmet.  She has a pretty big flat spot on the back of her head but it’s starting to round out. Lots more tummy time and suggestive positioning have helped.  I also bought a BenBat pillow for her to use when she lays on her back at daycare or in a swing/bouncer.

They had their 4 month shots…no big deal.  I cried more than they did.  We get to start solids “whenever we are ready” and it’s time to baby proof!  Jerry and I are going to be busy this weekend.

Fynnlee Ann

Just look at my little squish.  She is 17# of pure perfection.


Fynn has always been our champion sleeper. She’s been snoozing from 7pm to 5/5:30am since she was 2 1/2 months old. The dreaded 4 month sleep regression didn’t hit her too hard. Just a few wake ups here and there…but for the most part, she still loves her sleep. And don’t even think of messing with it. You want to see a pissed off Fynnlee…keep her awake past 7 pm. Sweetness & light turns into a Crankapotomus on a dime.

Does it appear that we have any issues with eating? Fynnlee downs 6 ozs when she wakes and again before bed. And she has three 8oz bottles during the day. We switched from Enfamil to Kirkland formula about a week ago without much issue. I love all things Costco!! I was a little nervous to mess with a good thing but I read a bunch reviews online that it was easily tolerated so we went for it. I don’t even think she noticed. Our bank account did though…$18 for 40oz vs $25 for 27oz. It was a no brainer for me. These kids are blowing through formula at an alarming pace.

* She’ll tolerate the bumbo now. Not for long…but she’ll do it.
* Her favorite toy is the Nuby Crab Teether
* She chatters non-stop. I never get sick of our conversations
* Wheels on the Bus and Good Morning to You are her favorite songs.
* She grabs at everything…my hair and necklaces are her favorites
* Still loves the playmat and the swing is her current baby gadget of choice

Fynnlee photo dump

008 005 249 269

059 054

Greyson Paul

I could stare at this little dude all day long.  He is the most delightful baby in the history of ever.


G man didn’t handle the 4 month sleep regression as well as his big sister. But then again, he never really hit a stride of consistently sleeping though the night. We did drop his nightly feeding at around 3 1/2 months. His 2 am bottle became shushing, patting and replacing the pacifier. He adjusted quickly but around the last week in August, we noticed a shift into multiple wake-ups during the night. Lots of fussing and whining that was easily diffused with his bink and the mobile. He would quickly fall back to sleep but then be up again a short time later. One night it was every hour…on the hour. In hindsight, I think the cradle cap was making him itchy and uncomfortable and that, combined to the normal disruption that occurs around 4 months, made for some looooooooong nights for Jerry and I. We’ve recently had some good stretches though. 7-3:30/4:00 and I can’t really complain about that. I think once we introduce some solids and get this itchy-head-thing under control, we’ll be all golden.

Greyson takes in 2 six ounce bottles and 3 seven ounce bottles every day. Really, the only time he cries during the day is if he’s hungry. He had no issue transitioning to the Kirkland formula either.  Solids are gonna be so fun!

Torticollis update
We’ve been meeting with the physical therapist once a week and it’s really making such a difference. We do stretches at home and I’m super cognizant of how I position him. We always want him looking to the right. The range of motion with his neck has really improved and he will move his head from side to side without prompting. He does favor the left when he’s tired and I think it’s a comfort position for him. Its slow progress but we’ll get there!

* Rolled from tummy to back on 9/5
* Loves any song with do do do do do do in it. Manha Manha is a particular favorite.
* The Baby Einsten bendy ball will occupy him for hours
* Has made crazy huge improvements in tummy time.
* Loves to grab everything

Greyson photo dump

007 058

006 227 223 214

Random Thoughts/observations/stuff

These Beans are best friends right now. I know it won’t be like this forever so I’m cherishing it while I can.  They are always reaching for each other or holding hands. It’s unbelievably adorable.


 007  006

I still can’t say enough good things about their daycare.  My kids are thriving and their teachers are a huge part of that.

026 006

This picture cracks me up.  Frick and Frack, I tell ya…


We take these Beans everywhere with us now and they are so well behaved.  Again, it won’t last forever, so we’re taking full advantage of it now!

206 014

I love being their Mom more than I ever thought possible.  I’m so proud of the little people they are. I know all Moms think their kids are awesome and amazing.  But mine really are.


And I still love Greyson’s outfit.


Fridays with Fynnlee

It’s FriYAY!  We should be headed to Charlotte today for a fun filled weekend with my favorite girls…but our physical therapist thought it was a bad idea for Greyson to be in a car seat for 7+ hours straight.  whomp whomp.  So we’ll be sticking around the burgh for the long weekend.

So let’s get this spotlight on Fynnlee started!


Little miss has started talking up a storm.  And by talking, I mean she’s been babbling non-stop.

But if she could talk, she would tell you…

She loves daycare

056 065 051 054

She is always doing fun projects and activities.  And she adores her teachers.  One afternoon I stopped by to say hello to my babies and she was just gazing lovingly at the teacher holding her.  She wouldn’t take her eyes off of her and I didn’t exist.  It should have made me sad but I’m thrilled she is thriving in the care of others.

She’s killing it in tummy time.  Killing it!!! 


She loves to be on her tummy now and will hang out looking at books or toys (or herself in a mirror) forever.  It’s pretty darn cute.

She plays hard. 


She’s still obsessed with the activity mat but sometimes wears her out!

She loves to sleep.


Don’t mess with her bedtime.  This child would put herself to sleep if she could.  She hasn’t seen past 7:00 in a loooooong time.

She loves to dance.


She is always moving.  Always. Legs in the air like she just don’t care.  Jerry can’t wait until they can start walking…he’s nuts!

She’s the most amazing little girl on the planet. 


And I just love her to pieces.

Have a great holiday weekend! (And don’t have to much fun without me, Strogues!  Miss you!)

The Beans

From Jerry’s camera roll

About a week ago, I asked Jerry if I could text myself some pictures he took of us so I could use them on the blog.  When I was going through his camera roll, I noticed about 50 pictures he and our nurse took on Birth Day.  Pictures I had never seen before.  Now, let me ask you…would you want to see pictures of your babies taken minutes after they were born?  Oh I don’t know…perhaps it would be nice to get a glimpse of THESE photos???

Seconds old Fynnlee



And seconds old Greyson



Um yeah…somehow he forgot to share these with me.  Oh and this one.  Of me and my freshly born son.  Snuggling for the first time.  In all of my bloated bliss. (wow that’s a puffy face!)


And these ones.  I



And these




And this one.  Of our babies being reunited after Greyson’s 48 hour stay in the NICU.


And this one of me taken exactly one minute before I became a Mom.


And teeny Greyson in the NICU


122  128

And being held for the first time by Grandma (I actually don’t know which baby that is…)


And little tiny Beans getting ready to go home.


While I gave him a hard time for not showing these pics to me…I was so happy that he actually took them!  He earns big time bonus points for that.

These Beans are growing like weeds! Our 4 month post is going to be a bit delayed because they don’t have their check up until the 10th. So stay tuned for that.  But just to hold you over (in case you don’t follow us on Instagram)…here’s a little dose of adorableness.

The Beans

Baby “Stuff”…what we love, what we don’t (3.5 months)

So we’ve been at this baby thing for almost 4 months now (what the what?!) and we have definite opinions on what we (we being Greyson and Fynnlee) like and don’t like.  I know all babies are different but here is our two cents on all the gear we’ve tried.

Love:  Fisher Price Bouncer

Worth every penny.  I don’t know how I would have survived days at home alone with these two without these bouncers.  Fynnlee and Greyson would sit in front of me while I bounced them with my feet and eventually they’d fall asleep.  I couldn’t move. But I got to work on the computer/watch TV/eat lunch without much issue.

Now, I must say…if I could do it all over again, I would get this one.  It’s the one they have at their daycare and they are huge fans!  It’s cheaper and they love that little toy bar in the front.


Don’t love:  4Moms Rockaroo (and Mamaroo)

This is a tricky one.  I shouldn’t say they don’t love them.  They go in phases with the ‘roos.  They have a few days where they love them and will happily chill or nap while bouncing around in them. But also days where they scream if they’re in a ‘roo for 2 seconds.  Plus they are pricy and if given the option of getting only one baby thingy…we would chose the Fisher Price Swing.  We’ve gotten so much more use from it and both babies love it consistently.


Today she loves it…tomorrow, probably not.


Love:  Fisher Price Rock n Play

If there is one thing every single Mom told me to get, it was the Fisher Price Rock n Play.  And I totally understand why. The Beans slept in these things for the first 3 months of their lives and they LOVED them.  I didn’t even really need to use the vibration much.

028 066


Don’t love: Moses Baskets

Not to have them sleep in, at least.  Greyson rolled onto his side the first night home and ended up centimeters away from having his face smushed into the side of the basket.  End of that story.  The rock n plays held them in place better.  We still used the baskets for carrying both babies up and down the stairs at once.  And for photo ops.


Love:  Baby sling – Essie Designs

I just adore this sling.  The price point is excellent, it’s well made and comes in a plethora of patterns.  I have two of them.    And there are other carry options for when they’re bigger.



Don’t love:  Moby Wrap

Yet. We don’t love it yet.  Maybe we need them to be a bit bigger for the Moby.  I never felt comfortable with them in the newborn hold and Fynnlee really hated it, anyway.  She likes facing out a bit more and I think we’ll get more use out of it now that they’re a little more stable.  Stay tuned.


Love:  Zip Front pajamas

Old navy, Gerber and Carters Just One You (Target exclusive) are our favorite.


Don’t Love:  newborn onsies and anything with snaps

Alright, alright…I just wanted an excuse to post a couple of pictures of itty, bitty Greyson and Fynnlee!  Gah…so tiny!


Of course I didn’t listen to anyone (and everyone) who told me not to buy any many newborn clothes.  I couldn’t help it!!  They are so teeny. So cute! And so dumb. The onsies are not practical at all (it’s zero fun trying to jam a baby’s head through that opening…poor things), even if it’s hot outside.  Trust me on this one.  They LIVE in newborn sleepers for the first few weeks.


And don’t waste your time with snaps.  I’m a broken record but why do they even make these!?  Zippers are the way to go.

Love:  Boppy Pillow

I didn’t use the boppy pillow for nursing. The beans slept like this everyday for the first 6 or so weeks they were home.  We now use them for tummy time or to assist with sitting up.  LOVE the Boppy.


Don’t love:  Bumbo

Fynnlee didn’t mind it much here but she literally screams if I try to set her in it now.  Anyone want a purple bumbo?  Greyson is OK in his for short periods of time but he eventually gets sick of it and cries to get out.


Love:  Wipe Warmer

This was on my list of “not a chance I am wasting my money on this” items.  But Prince Greyson loathes anything cold being anywhere near him and the primal screams that came from this child during diaper changes made me reconsider.  We have two at each changing station and we love them!  Totally worth it.

Don’t love:  Bottle warmer

I bought this when we moved to exclusively formula feeding and it’s just not needed.  Both babies will drink their milk right from the fridge.  I still use it for their before-bed feedings because warm milk = sleepy baby, but it was definitely a waste of money for us.

Love:  Okiedog Diaper Bag

I have a diaper bag that I love but after our Florida trip, I determined that it was just too small.  I also decided that a backpack bag was the way to go (hands free for the win!).  So I did a search on Amazon and came across this Okiedog bag.  After watching the video, I wasted no time ordering it and it is amazing!  It’s not huuuuuuuuge, but it fits so much stuff!  It has 8 billion pockets for organizing along with easy open velcro closures.  You can use it as a backpack or tuck the loops away and use it as a shoulder bag.  I’m in love with it!  No, it’s not super stylish…but no one’s ever accused me of being stylish so I could care less.

Love:  Play Mat

We have two Tiny Love play mats (Sunny Day and Nature Pals)…and they LOVE both of them.  I touched on it during our 3 Month Update, but they will hang out for 30-45 minutes just kicking away & talking to their friends.  The obsession hit around 2 1/2 months and hasn’t gone away.  Thank goodness!


Love:  4Moms bathtub

Seriously, this tub rocks.  The temperature gauge works way better than your elbow and the tub is nice and sturdy.  Clean water pours in and dirty water simultaneously drains right out…helpful for when your son pees or your daughter spits up 1/2 her dinner during bath time. It’s pretty big but it fits perfectly in the double sink in our kitchen.  It does not, however fit in our bathroom sinks. I’ve also tried to use it in our bathtub and it’s kind of a hot mess.

Don’t love:  Baby bath towels

What is up with baby towels? They’re cute, for sure, but they kind of suck at being towels.  We got some little hooded ones from babies r us and they are super thin and not absorbent at all.  And we got these adorable ones from PB kids that are unbelievably cute and very absorbent but are pretty small.  I need to work on designing the perfect baby towel.


I’m sure I’m forgetting some things and I’ll try to keep a better list for our six months update.  We have an exersaucer, jumparoo, and other fun gadgets to try out so it’ll be interesting to see what these Beans like and don’t like.  Any must haves I should pick up??