Fynnlee, Greyson

Helmet Update

We’re on Day 5 of helmet therapy and so far, so good!

(The booties are Zutano. And they are awesome…they don’t fall off!) 

These little Beans are so resilient, I’m so proud of them. They are really unphased by the helmets. They don’t fuss or cry when we put them on or take them off. They’ve been napping just fine. And as of last night, they’re sleeping just fine with them too! To say I was concerned about how these little plastic hats would affect their sleep is quite an understatement! But all my worry was for nothing…they both slept the best they have in a week! Fynnlee didn’t make a peep from 6:45pm – 6:00am and Greyson fussed a bit but it was manageable. He was up once around 2 and then again around 4 but quickly fell back to sleep until 6:15.

So, a friend texted me after I posted a picture on Instagram, questioning the need for the helmets at all. Most of the pictures you see of them, their heads look perfectly round. And she’s right…they do from the front. But if you look at the photo below, you’ll see how Greyson’s head rounds out to the left. That’s not a shadow. His head is really flat on the right side (his left) and it has pushed his head to the left (his right). It’s kind of like a parallelogram. Fynnlee’s head is just flat in the back and as I’ve mentioned before, her’s is a pretty mild case. But as you’ll see if you look close, it’s caused her head to widen a bit at the top.

(Gahhhh, they are so cute.)

It’s not drastic, but it’s still enough to cause an issue in fitting her for a standard bike or softball helmet. Plus girls are mean and one of my (slightly irrational) parental fears is my kids being bullied. No one is going to pick on her because she has a flat head!

You can see how Greyson’s head is kind of cone shaped from the side in this photo. That’s the flat side. (Why yes, those are Boogie Wipes my children are playing with. So what?)

And this is Fynnlee’s head from the side and top. That little bump in the middle is her skull trying to correct itself already. She may only need hers for a month or two (They say a minimum of 3 months but I’ve heard of kids graduating early).


Greyson’s head looks pretty round from the side, but the poor guys noggin is totally outta whack!

(that hair though)

It’s funny to see them look at each other and wonder “What the heck is on your head!”

Fingers crossed it continues to be this easy!!