The first rule of Run Club…

Is nobody talks about Run Club.

Well, I’m mainly not talking about Run Club because I have, once again, determined that I HATE RUNNING!  I want to like it. I really, really do.  I see those girls, jogging along, high on endorphins, happy as can be…


Yeah, no.  This is not me…

I’m miserable the entire time.  My feet hurt, my face is beet red, my lungs burn and I curse the entire time.  But I want to run a 5k.  Cross it off my bucket list.  I’ve signed up with Mojo’s Couch to 5k program which will wrap up on May 24th with the Band on the Run 5k.

I’m also doing this plank-a-day challenge from The Fitnessista.  I hate planks almost more than running but my abs are the weakest part of my body.


So there you have it.  I’m getting back in gear and getting this old body back in shape.  Swimsuit season is right around the corner!

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